Lifestyle financial planning: what it is and why you must have it

lifestyle financial planningWe are all different. While many of us have similar goals – buy a home, build wealth, retire in comfort – the ways in which we will reach those goals will all be as individual as we are.

This is why, at Continuum, we believe not just in financial planning, but in lifestyle financial planning.  We recognise that everyone has different goals and needs, so we treat people as individuals – and provide personalised advice that reflects their lifestyle, life choices and circumstances.

But what does this mean in practice?

Our service starts with you

Our company mission is to bring clients a lifetime of financial planning. Not only will we find solutions to your immediate financial needs, we will work with you to find answers to your needs as they change throughout your life.

Historically, within financial services, it was considered enough to arrange a standard life assurance and pension, and perhaps suggest an investment plan or two.  Back in the 1980s, the one size fits all philosophy was changed to a ‘Fact Find’ based approach, where the adviser would at least sit down with the client to determine their financial circumstances before suggesting financial products.

At Continuum, we do much more than that.

Lifestyle financial planning is about understanding what is important to you and finding out about your goals and needs, rather than find a gap and recommending a product to fill it.

It tends to be a process with several stages.

  1. Forming a professional relationship

You’ll have an initial meeting with your Continuum adviser where we focus on getting to know you, understanding the things you want to achieve in your life, and how we can reach your financial goals.  At this stage, we will gather information about your financial needs, goals and priorities so we can work out how to help you.

  1. Analysis and research

We then work out the best strategy to help you to reach those goals. Your adviser might ask for more information about the financial plans you have already.  We begin to put together recommendations into a personal report.

  1. Presenting your recommendations report

As lifestyle financial planners, we will not simply give you a personal report. Your adviser will sit with you to go through its contents, pointing out the benefits and any risks.  It should help you gain a clear picture of the kind of financial future you could be enjoying. We are Independent Financial Advisers and the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority require us to act in your best interests and to provide ‘whole of market advice’.

  1. Implementing the recommendations

Once you understand the recommendations and agree a plan of action, your adviser will implement the recommendations. He or she will help you complete the necessary paperwork and co-ordinate the entire process for you.

  1. Providing an ongoing service

Our service does not stop there. Your life will change, and your plans will change with it.  To be successful, lifestyle financial planning means building a long-term relationship, and regular reviews. We work to ensure that whenever you need help to look at your circumstances, someone you already know and trust will be there to provide it.

Lifestyle financial planning means having a financial expert to call on to help you make the most of your money and your life. You can see more about our services in our Client Brochure.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

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