Make sure you have the right home insurance

Your home is as individual as you are. So, can you really rely on a standard home insurance package?

It might be tempting to try and cut the cost of home cover. Premiums seem to have increased across the board in the last year or so. The price of a typical combined buildings and contents policy has gone up by around 17% from last year. It makes sense to shop around and check prices before you renew.

It’s easy to get standard cover. Simply go online, confirm the number of bedrooms and your postcode and answer a few questions about security and flooding, and you should be able to arrange an instant quote.

But standard cover is rarely enough. Most of us have some valuable items, from heirlooms to the latest technology that we want to cover – and there may be some other threats that you want to protect against.

You may need to tailor your cover. There are some options to consider.

Legal expenses

Most policies offer legal expenses cover as an optional extra. They would pay your legal fees if you have to go to court over something to do with the property, such as a boundary dispute with a neighbour. They can also help with other legal issues, such as personal injury and employment disputes, so this is worthwhile considering as part of your protection plan.

Home emergency cover

Problems such as blocked drains or a broken heating system can be costly and do not fall within the normal scope of contents insurance. Buying home emergency cover as an add-on for your home insurance policy can cost less than a stand-alone policy. It can be useful if you are worried about your boiler and central heating system and will normally cover the cost of callouts, parts and labour. But check that you don’t already have cover through your energy supplier.

Accidental damage cover

Cover against that forgotten felt tip pen that stains the carpet or the dropped vase that smashes the coffee table seems like a good idea. But before buying, be sure to check the wording of the policy. Many policies are full of exclusions and won’t cover damage caused by pets, for example.

Identity fraud cover

Identity fraud cover won’t actually reimburse you for money you are defrauded out of. It will only cover the cost of things like legal fees while sorting out your affairs following the theft. As the theft isn’t a direct result of your own negligence if your bank has signed up to the voluntary Banking Code, the bank is obligated to refund you for any money lost through fraud,

Getting the cover you need for yourself

Tailoring the cover you arrange for your home is important – at Continuum we are happy to help.

We can help you create a complete package of protection tailored around you. Our expertise – and knowledge of the cover offered by various providers can help us keep the costs under control, and help you avoid paying too much. 

The information contained in this article is based on the opinion of Continuum and does not constitute advice or a recommendation to suitable insurance cover, you should seek advice before embarking on any course of action.

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