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Investing with the aim of inflation-proofing your finances

Rapid inflation mean that savings fall in real value. We look at how you can protect your finances from the effects of inflation.

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Can we look forward to a prosperous new year?

The lockdown and consequent deep recession of 2020 was followed by recovery in 2021. But what is in store for 2022?

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Looking back at 2021

2021 is nearly over, and most of it was defined by Covid. We look at how events earlier this year could impact your financial plans now.

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Why inflation could bring down house prices

Inflation between 5% and 7% will have a major impact on almost every aspect of finance, including the housing market.

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Why inflation matters

When your wages don’t keep up with inflation, your purchasing power is reduced and your standard of living falls.

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Will interest rates shoot up?

Now, with a Bank of England base rate of just 0.1%, we are starting to see suggestions that interest rates may head back up.

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