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The Autumn Statement 2023 and your money 

Jeremy Hunt gave his autumn statement on Wednesday 22nd. Did this mean the Chancellor had some good news to share with us?

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Gilts Explained

Gilts can offer stability, regular income, and a level of diversification that can mitigate risk when the economic environment is unsettled.

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Good news about the bank rate

There are several reasons why the Bank of England’s decision to fix the rate is good news for almost everyone.

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The rate rise and your mortgage – and six ways to keep it affordable

The latest jump in the Bank of England base rate to 5% means a big increase in pressure for anyone with a mortgage.

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Are we set for the roaring twenties?

The roaring 20s took the world by surprise, but those who were open to new ideas were able to build their wealth by judicious investment.

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What is the impact of the latest rate rise?

A rate rise increase from 4.25% to 4.5% was announced at noon on May 11th, with immediate effect. What does it mean for you?

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