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What falling inflation might mean for you

Understanding inflation: how it shapes the economy and affects interest rates. Find out what recent trends mean for you.

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What does the General Election mean for your pension?

Discover how the General Election could affect your pension plans and retirement income. Stay informed with Continuum’s analysis.

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How Unchanged Interest Rates Impact your Financial Plans

Find out how the Bank of England’s decision to maintain interest rates at a 16-year high could impact the economy and your personal finances.

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Good news about National Insurance

Discover how the recent National Insurance cut can benefit you. Find out how it can potentially add tens of thousands to your pension pot.

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The Budget, your money – and do you win or lose?

Discover the key announcements from the Spring Budget 2024. Find out how it will impact your family’s finances.

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Finding opportunity in the UK financial landscape

Exploring the impact of the UK financial landscape. Learn about the recent recession and discover opportunities amidst economic challenges.

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