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How to beat inflation

Inflation is running high. At Continuum we are looking at ways to take the sting out of inflation, or even beat it altogether. 

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What next for the housing market?

The housing market continues to defy all predictions, and almost all logic. House price growth […]

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Why you need to look at your income

Households have faced their toughest time in decades with the cost of living continuing to rise. What is causing this inflation?

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HM Treasury
The Spring Statement – and what it may mean for you

The Spring Statement is intended to be nothing more than a trading update on the […]

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Dealing with the rate rise

The news that the Bank of England was putting up the bank base rate this month came as less than a complete surprise.

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Investing with the aim of inflation-proofing your finances

Rapid inflation mean that savings fall in real value. We look at how you can protect your finances from the effects of inflation.

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