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How to work out your home equity

Discover the importance of home equity and how it can grow your wealth over time. Learn how to calculate and leverage your home equity.

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Is the housing market coming back to life?

Stay up to date with the UK housing market. Discover how interest rates, affordability, and transaction numbers are shaping the market.

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Getting a mortgage if you’re self-employed

Self-employed and in need of a mortgage? Learn about the challenges and alternatives for securing a home loan without regular payslips.

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Bright horizon for UK property?

Exploring the current state of the property market. Learn how interest rate hikes have affected mortgage affordability and buyer confidence.

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Down Valuation Explained 

The down valuation has returned. We look at what it is, what it means for you and how you just might be able to turn it into an advantage.

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The Mortgage Maze: Why you need an expert

There are several ways that your Independent Financial Adviser at Continuum will help you through the mortgage maze. 

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