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Investing with the aim of inflation-proofing your finances

Rapid inflation mean that savings fall in real value. We look at how you can protect your finances from the effects of inflation.

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Too busy with the present to think about the future?

Many people are not thinking about their financial future. We look at why careful planning is vital for you and why you need to start now.

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Looking back at 2021

2021 is nearly over, and most of it was defined by Covid. We look at how events earlier this year could impact your financial plans now.

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Why inflation could bring down house prices

Inflation between 5% and 7% will have a major impact on almost every aspect of finance, including the housing market.

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Do you need to fix your mortgage?

Bank of England base rate and the willingness of lenders to compete for business in the wake of the pandemic drove down the cost of mortgages.

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Mortgage Myth Buster

A great deal of misunderstanding and more than a few myths have grown up about mortgage over the years. We are looking at some of them.

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