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Need to cut the cost of your mortgage?

Many people may be heading for an increase in their mortgage costs. At Continuum we are looking at what we can do to help.

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How to keep your mortgage under control

Mortgage interest rates could potentially double by next year. We look at how re-mortgaging could help you prepare for them now.

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Where’s the best place to put your money now?

There are three options for most people looking at safeguarding their cash. Use a savings account, buy property, or invest.

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What next for the housing market?

The housing market continues to defy all predictions, and almost all logic. House price growth […]

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Is it time to downsize?

Making the decision to downsize to a smaller home can be emotional. But downsizing your home is also an opportunity to upsize your lifestyle.

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Is the house price boom over?

The average UK house price rose from £252,229 in January 2021 to £276,759 in January of this year, an average rate of growth of 9.7%.

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