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The Mortgage Maze: Why you need an expert

There are several ways that your Independent Financial Adviser at Continuum will help you through the mortgage maze. 

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6 steps to help you become a first time buyer

Interest rates may have stopped rising and house prices are falling back. We look at how you could be a first-time buyer.

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Want to gift a deposit?

At Continuum we are looking at what it means to open your own deposit, and why it can be more complicated than it might seem.

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Should you overpay your mortgage?

A mortgage overpayment is simply paying back more than the minimum your lender requires – the money you borrowed is being paid back quicker.

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Housing market – crash or business as usual? 

Most of us simply wanted to buy a home of our own. But like it or not, we are invested in the property market. So what is really happening?

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Could an offset mortgage save you money?

We are always keen to find ways to help people who have run into mortgage problems – and one solution might be an offset mortgage.

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