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What can you actually do with a Help to Buy ISA?

The Help to Buy ISA closed to new applicants in 2019, so you may be wondering about the best way to get that cash working for you now.

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Why retire when you can work?

The state retirement age was set at 65 back in 1948. But what about the increasing numbers of people who prefer to carry on working?

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Why inflation matters

When your wages don’t keep up with inflation, your purchasing power is reduced and your standard of living falls.

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Don’t give the taxman an early Christmas present

If you were to die within seven years of giving a large gift, the value of what you gave would be counted as part of your estate.

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How to avoid contactless card fraud

The bad old days of carrying cash are almost behind us. But the contactless revolution is bringing some new problems as well as advantages.

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Can you afford that savings account?

It is time to look at traditional savings again, or if a savings account is a luxury that you simply cannot afford?

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