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Probate Explained: What you need to know

Probate authorises someone to manage a deceased person’s estate according to their will or the rules of intestacy. What do you need to do?

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The Path to Financial Freedom

If you have high-interest debt, it is costing you money – potentially many times the value of the things you bought with it.

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Safeguarding your Financial Wellbeing

An independent financial adviser (or IFA) must offer independent advice and can source financial products from the whole of the market.

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Raising financially savvy students – A parents guide to university money management

As experts in helping people make the most of their money, at Continuum we have prepared a simple guide to managing your money at university.

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Financial Resilience – Part 2: The Importance of Adequate Insurance

Building financial resilience into your financial planning is essential and we see adequate insurance as key to the future for our clients.

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Can you afford to live to 100?

the number of centenarians in the UK rose to its highest ever level in 2020, reaching 15,120. But can you afford to live to 100?

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