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Investing with the aim of inflation-proofing your finances

Rapid inflation mean that savings fall in real value. We look at how you can protect your finances from the effects of inflation.

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Too busy with the present to think about the future?

Many people are not thinking about their financial future. We look at why careful planning is vital for you and why you need to start now.

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Little Zuzu Bailey hangs onto her father’s back at the climax of the film. Clockwise from top: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Carol Coombs, Jimmy Hawkins, Larry Simms and Karolyn Grimes. Photo by Herbert Dorfman/Corbis via Getty Images
It’s a Wonderful Life

You have a major responsibility and need life cover to help provide for your family if you were no longer there to do it yourself.

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How to avoid contactless card fraud

The bad old days of carrying cash are almost behind us. But the contactless revolution is bringing some new problems as well as advantages.

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Managing your credit score

A credit score is a number that has been calculated on your credit history. The higher it is the more attractive you look to potential lenders

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Getting away – why you need to look at your insurance

After a year in lockdown and travel bans, many of us feel we deserve a treat. At Continuum, we are looking at travel insurance.

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