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Should You Retire Abroad?

At Continuum we can work with you to understand the resources you can call on, and the challenges you may face if you want to retire abroad.

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Rising state pensions – will it be enough for your retirement?

Inflation affects everyone, so news that the state pension is set to go up can be very good news indeed. But it might not be enough.

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Can you afford to live to 100?

the number of centenarians in the UK rose to its highest ever level in 2020, reaching 15,120. But can you afford to live to 100?

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Why you absolutely must look at your pension today

As part of Pensions Awareness, we’ve prepared this  special guide to pensions – and why you need to look at your pension plans now.

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Time to make more of your state pension

The guaranteed income of £203.85 per week from the state pension makes a big contribution to many people’s retirement income.

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Good news on Pensions

There is some good news for anyone looking at their state pension entitlement. Pensioners could be in for a boost to their funds next April.

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