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Capital gains tax and you

Most of us don’t worry too much about Capital Gains Tax – or CGT. Most of us are never called on to pay it. But that might be due to change.

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Why recovery means extra tax – and what you can do about it

As taxpayers, we will be paying for all the money well spent by the Government during the Covid pandemic. This is why you may need to act now.

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Should you beware a post covid tax hike?

We look at the scale of the crisis – whether it will mean a post Covid tax hike – and who may be left paying the bill for Covid.

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Looking at getting married?

Getting married could also mean some big financial advantages. We look at why it can still pay to get married.

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Will the taxman help himself?

Inheritance tax bills now look set to rise. At Continuum we are asking whether your family will be caught out and what you can do about it.

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relevant life policy
Tax Efficient Protection with Relevant Life

Life insurance is important for most people, and essential for anyone with a partner or […]

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