Will advice firms have to specialise more after the pandemic?

Each week we ask IFAs across the UK one question as part of our State of the Nation feature. This week we asked them:

‘Will firms have to specialise more after the pandemic?’

Simon Reeve 

Head of operations, Continuum, Plymouth

The pandemic has been disruptive. It has been a catalyst for positive change – how we engage with our advisers, clients and manage our business has evolved.

Our technology supports advisers and clients, and while we have adapted well to the new environment, we were already in a strong position to deal with our clients remotely if they required it.

The pandemic means clients need to better understand what they want and what is most precious to them. It has fostered a more intense client focus on how financial plans underpin and support them, their family, their careers and their businesses.

Clients are more aware of their financial risks, future aspirations and goals than ever before. Our advisers are having more meaningful discussions about client goals and how they are best achieved. That can only strengthen the client’s experience.

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