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Unlocking the Mind: The Psychology of Saving

Psychology can put us wrong when we are saving for the future, so these are some strategies that might help put us back on the right track.

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Raising financially savvy students – A parents guide to university money management

As experts in helping people make the most of their money, at Continuum we have prepared a simple guide to managing your money at university.

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Is there a new Bank of Mum and Dad?

If the Bank of Mum and Dad is facing cashflow problems, we can often find alternative ways to make your house buying plans come true.

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Paying tax on small savings 

The money your savings makes in interest could be subject to tax, and you might find that your thrift could land you with a tax bill.

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Tackling money anxiety

Money worries are affecting many of us at present. At Continuum, we are looking at ways to deal with financial anxiety.

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How can you generate income from a lump sum?

Many of us will be in line for a cash lump sum at least once in life. We look at some of the ways to generate an income from it.

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