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How to cut your capital gains tax bill

Do you know if you are likely to pay capital gains tax? Discover how CGT affects you and how to stay ahead of government measures. Continuum can help!

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Retire Smart – 7 simple ways to reduce your tax

At Continuum we’re looking at seven simple ways to reduce the share of your retirement wealth the taxman can take.

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The Gifts That Keep on Giving: Navigating Taxes for Generational Wealth

There are ways to ensure that your wealth goes to those you want – and one of the most effective, is the “Gifts out of surplus income” rule.

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Probate Explained: What you need to know

Probate authorises someone to manage a deceased person’s estate according to their will or the rules of intestacy. What do you need to do?

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Paying tax on small savings 

The money your savings makes in interest could be subject to tax, and you might find that your thrift could land you with a tax bill.

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Will the taxman take your children’s inheritance?

IHT is charged at a fixed rate of 40%. But there are ways to avoid the IHT trap. We can work with you to avoid the inheritance tax grab.

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