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The Gifts That Keep on Giving: Navigating Taxes for Generational Wealth

There are ways to ensure that your wealth goes to those you want – and one of the most effective, is the “Gifts out of surplus income” rule.

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Probate Explained: What you need to know

Probate authorises someone to manage a deceased person’s estate according to their will or the rules of intestacy. What do you need to do?

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Paying tax on small savings 

The money your savings makes in interest could be subject to tax, and you might find that your thrift could land you with a tax bill.

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Will the taxman take your children’s inheritance?

IHT is charged at a fixed rate of 40%. But there are ways to avoid the IHT trap. We can work with you to avoid the inheritance tax grab.

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Introducing ‘downsizing relief’

Downsizing relief means that you could have a large cash sum to pass on and be able to avoid IHT liability on the first £1 million. 

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Are you going to be paying more tax?

Households are already paying an extra £821 in tax. A total of 7.8million people will be paying tax at 40p in the pound by 2027.

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