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How you might get a stamp duty refund

Learn how to get a stamp duty refund and save money on your property purchase. Find out how SDLT is calculated and eligibility criteria.

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How to possibly cut your capital gains tax bill 

Capital gains tax used to be something that rich people worried about, while the rest […]

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Capital Gains Tax changes in the new tax year

Understanding Capital Gains Tax and its impact on your investments. Find out how the new changes for the 2024/25 tax year may affect you.

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7 things to do before Tax Year End 

Get ready for the tax year end and start your financial preparation now. Follow these steps to assess your current situation.

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How to cut your capital gains tax bill

Do you know if you are likely to pay capital gains tax? Discover how CGT affects you and how to stay ahead of government measures. Continuum can help!

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Retire Smart – 7 simple ways to reduce your tax

At Continuum we’re looking at seven simple ways to reduce the share of your retirement wealth the taxman can take.

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