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Starting the new tax year – pensions

The new tax year has some hidden threats. We look at how your pension plans might need to change to deal with those threats in 2022/23.

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The lifetime allowance and your future

The Lifetime Allowance is the maximum a person can save into a pension without incurring a tax charge.

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It’s time to talk about tax

With the 2022/23 tax year now well underway, it is time to talk about tax – and about ways to pay less of it.

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Tax Year End Planning Checklist

At Continuum we have put together a Tax Year End planning checklist – with tax topics you may want to check now.

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Looking at tax in 2022

Thanks to allowances, some of us will pay more tax than others. This means it can be surprisingly easy to pay too much tax.

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How to make the most of an inheritance

Many of us will receive an inheritance in the course of our lives. If used judiciously, it can change lives for the better.

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