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Profit extraction from your business

If you’re running your own company, you decide how much you pay yourself. But although […]

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What to do when you get a pay rise

Coming out of a deep recession can be an exciting time. Some people may be looking at a pay rise in their income.

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Corporate financial planning Part 2 Employee benefits

If you run your own small business you will know that getting the right people is a challenge, so is keeping them.

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auto enrolment
Corporate financial planning Part 1. Auto enrolment and your business.

Auto Enrolment started as part of a government initiative to ensure that everyone in work could have an employer’s pension.

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Urban flight – the new factor in the property market

Urban flight sees people moving out of cities to towns and villages and is driving up house price rises in rural areas.

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business off the ground
Getting your business off the ground

As anyone who has set up their own business will tell you, success can depend […]

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