New strengths in Scotland: Scott Newman

The Continuum team provides expertise across the UK, but its strength is firmly based on a local presence and professionals with local knowledge and dedication.

Now the team has been further strengthened in the Highland region of Scotland.

Scott Newman has joined the team in his adopted home of Nairn. He brings some very valuable qualifications as well as a wealth of experience to the role – and a very real understanding of the particular needs of the people and the community he serves.

Scott has been working in the financial sector for more than 20 years – since taking his MPhil from the University of Glasgow in fact.

We asked him what prompted him to join the Continuum team now.

“I’ve been working as a Chartered financial planner within a wealth planning business since 2007. It’s been a long an interesting journey. It’s let me meet a wide variety of people and allowed me to build my understanding of the broad range of financial needs people have, and of the various ways to answer them.

I believe that people must have good financial advice they can trust and that will help them navigate an increasingly complicated world. As an experienced Chartered Financial Planner, I believe I can do that.

But like many people over the past few years, I took time out to consider my own priorities and personal ambitions and plans. I concluded that if I didn’t make a change and take the chance to challenge myself and pursue a niggling ambition to run my own business now I never would and might regret it. Once I had made the decision to take control over my career I needed to remain partnered with a company that was truly independent, with no bias towards any products or providers. It was clear very early on that Continuum was the best place for this to happen.”

So, why did I choose Continuum? It was actually a simple choice once I had started looking for firms to partner with for my new business. Continuum stood out as being aligned with my values and desire to continue providing independent, practical and transparent advice to clients. I was also very conscious that when moving from an employed role to running my own business I would need support and backup for the benefit of my clients and myself and they can clearly provide that.

Continuum provide the most suitable solution for me and for my clients. I can provide clients advice that is truly independent, based purely on their needs. But with Continuum, I also have the support I need, when I need it. That is vital in a fast-changing financial world.”

Scott will be continuing to help people in need of his expertise in and around Nairn and the wider region. But what does he feel will change – and what is he looking forward to?

“The short answer is – being able to provide even better solutions for my clients. Having the support of Continuum means that while running my own business I can continue to offer whole of market solutions, without compromises or any considerations other than their best interests. That means that I can provide the most appropriate outcomes, whether we are looking at cutting the costs of insurance protection or making investments and pensions more rewarding.

“My aim is to offer better financial solutions – for life. Working with Continuum will help me to offer clients exceptional service and a lifetime relationship.”

Continuum’s Managing Partner Martin Brown is delighted to welcome Scott to the Continuum team.

“We are committed to providing clients the very most appropriate solutions to the challenges they face. Scott has an approach that is the perfect match for that commitment, proven expertise in all aspects of financial advice, and expert knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the Scottish financial environment.

His decision to work within Continuum is good news for us – and for the clients he will be working with now and in the future.”

Scott is looking forward to meeting new clients and putting his expertise to work. If you live or work in Nairn or the wider Highland and Moray area and have financial questions, please contact him for a free initial consultation.

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