Where to find a real pre-Christmas bargain

Today is Black Friday. It is, of course, like Trick or Treating at Halloween, an import from the USA, that after a few years of assiduous promotion has been adopted as a UK tradition.

At Continuum, we believe in value and in helping our clients find opportunities to make the most of their money – so we are looking at whether there are any Black Friday bargains – and at our solution that really will help you save.

Hype on the high street?

In the US, Black Friday marks the start of serious gift shopping.  Philadelphia police used the term Black Friday to describe the traffic jams that resulted, while shopkeepers recognised the opportunity to turn an extra profit. Now Black Friday is promoted as a sales bonanza for present shopping and where bargains are to be had on both sides of the Atlantic.

But the high street has been in serious trouble for much of this year, with several big names calling closing time for good. The runup to Christmas, which for many is one of the few profitable seasons left has also been distinctly lacklustre.

Many chains have been relying on Black Friday sales to tempt buyers back, and in some shops Black Friday has already been running all week. But according to consumer group Which?, any savings may just be marketing ploys.

“Our investigation indicates that this popular shopping event is all hype and there are few genuine discounts,” Which? spokesperson.

Retailers of course rejected suggestions consumers were being misled.  But even if your local store has a bargain or two, it might not have what you are looking for. The uncertainties of Brexit have caused many to keep stock levels deliberately short.

Some real value from Continuum

Online or off, it looks as though Black Friday sometimes can be more of a marketing ploy than a genuine opportunity to save. However, there are some bargains to be had that are not restricted to the end of November. At Continuum, we operate our Brand Loyalty Programme that could help you save all year round.

When you become a Continuum client you can register for the programme, as part of our offering to you. First and foremost, it offers discounts on a wide range of products which can help you save on your money management. But it also provides real and very worthwhile savings on those things that Black Friday promises but somehow fails to deliver.

So, when you register you can be entitled to major savings on leading brands. You can enjoy exclusive access to fantastic offers, plus saving with a huge range of vouchers and gift cards for supermarkets, department stores, fashion, and much more.

The more you use the Continuum Brand Loyalty Programme the better your savings can be, and you can get started today without the need to brave the high street. To find out more, simply contact your Continuum adviser, or call us today.

The information contained in this article is based on the opinion of Continuum and does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to suitable investment strategy, you should seek independent financial advice before embarking on any course of action.






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